Pines Cove - Applique and Crayon Quilts

Rita Parrill is a long-time resident of Pines Cove who makes crafts in several different textile mediums. Although she knits and crochets with great skill, she especially takes pride in her quilts. She often works in applique, borrowing patterns from the American tradition. Recently though, she also endeavored to make a Newfoundland Quilt, in order to demonstrate her sense of regional pride.

Parrill, Rita. Rita Parrill poses with her knitted items in her kitchen, Pines Cove

Using an array of patterns circulated by quilters in the region, Rita used fabric crayon to depict a series of images that she finds particularly meaningful. Many of these image blocks, such as 'the mummers' and the 'oil lamp,' are connected to specific memories from her youth.


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