English Harbour

The village of English Harbour can be found at Trinity Point on Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula. Like many other communities in the region, English Harbour was settled to participate in the seal and cod fishery. The first Way Office was built in 1883, sparking the establishment of a definitive community. The All Saints Church was built just a few years later, in 1888, in a classic Carpenter’s Gothic style. This church, restored and maintained by the English Harbour Arts Association, has been designated a provincial heritage site by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador. The attached cemetery holds the gravesites of early residents, including several victims of the Trinity Bay Disaster of 1892—a sealing tragedy that took the lives of 24 fishermen.

Located approximately 5 km southeast of English Harbour, is Horse Chops—a tourist spot known for its stretch of rugged coastline. From this location, distinctive rock formations can be viewed, including the infamous ‘naked man’ formation, said to resemble the body of a man. On a clear day, from the Horse Chops, one can see to the other side of Trinity Bay and as far out as Baccalieu Island.

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