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Memorial Privacy Project: Findings and Recommendations

The university community is invited to view the draft Memorial Privacy Project: Findings and Recommendations report and provide input and comments

In keeping with Memorial's Enterprise Privacy Strategy project (, the draft report (with findings and recommendations, strategy and policy) was presented to the Senior Academic and Administrative Group at their meeting on December 11, 2007.

The report's recommendations are designed to help Memorial manage the personal information in its custody. The university's handling of the personal information in its custody (of students, employees, alumni, and donors and others) must be in compliance with privacy legislation. The majority of the recommendations concern policy, procedures and compliance activities which do not have an associated cost. Others, including human resource recommendations, will have a cost associated with them. The report's authors additionally included measures to address overall information security and records management at Memorial.

The draft will be available for comment until Jan. 31, 2008, following which a final report will be produced.

Please send your comments and feedback to:

Memorial University's Access and Privacy Advisor is Rosemary Thorne; she's available at 864-8214,