Who we are, what we do: Religious Studies

France’s current burkini debate is yet another example of why knowing more about different religions is fundamentally important to appreciating and celebrating diversity. Discover more in Who we are, what we do: Religious Studies featuring professor Barry Stephenson and grad students Cory Funk and Pascal Mukuye . 

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Who we are, what we do: Philosophy

Philosophy is the first science according to Dr. Jöel Madore, who is featured in the latest Who we are, what we do installment with PhD candidate Kyle Bruff. Read more about it and view the video in the Gazette.

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Grad student of the month

Amy Sheppard must really love being a grad student! She is concurrently completing a Master of Gender Studies while starting a PhD in the Department of Sociology this September. She is also a social worker with Stella’s Circle and has recently piloted a dance workshop for women at the Clarenville Correctional Centre.  Read more here.

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