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President's Award for Exemplary Service

The President's Award for Exemplary Service at Memorial University of Newfoundland is presented each year to recognize employees who have demonstrated outstanding service and/or who have made significant contributions to the University community beyond that normally expected for their positions.

Criteria for nomination

The award is open to all non-academic staff of Memorial University and its separately incorporated entities who are employed and have served a minimum of three years prior to nomination and who have not previously received the award.

2013 Awards

Gwen Hanson, Department of Financial and Administrative Services

As senior staff accountant in Memorial’s Cashier’s Office, Gwen Hanson has, for the past 15 years, enriched students’ lives and enhanced the reputation of Memorial as a student-centered institution. The compassion and understanding that Ms. Hanson has demonstrated again and again to students who, depending on the situation, may often be very upset and frustrated, has earned her a reputation of being someone students can count on to help resolve their problems.

Paul Kavanagh, Department of Facilities Management

Mr. Kavanagh has built a 40-plus year career working in a number of buildings. He has become part a part of the community of the Graduate Students union and the graduate students who live in Field Hall. He consistently goes above and beyond his duties to improve the common spaces to better accommodate the students.

Bernadette Power, Faculty of Education

Bernadette has been a mainstay of the Faculty of Education for almost 30 years. Her avid interest in Aboriginal education and issues has made a great impact at Memorial. The current initiatives to improve the situation of Aboriginal students on this campus are due in large part to her groundbreaking work.

Wayne Rose, Student Affairs and Services/Department of Facilities Management

Mr. Rose began his career at Memorial in 1989 in Facilities Management and the Budget Office in Financial and Administrative Services. Seven years ago he joined Student Affairs and Services to manage the overall budget for the division. His tireless advocacy for student issues has not gone unnoticed by students. He’s been described as ‘a testament to the way our institution should operate’.

Heather Wareham, Maritime History Archive

Heather Wareham has spent the bulk of her 30-year career at Memorial’s Maritime History Archive – and has been director for the past 29. The collection is considered by scholars and academics to be one of the best and most unique in the world. Ms. Wareham has worked tirelessly to promote it and garnered an international reputation doing so.