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Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Election to fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is one of the highest scholarly honours in Canada. It is awarded to those whom have demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and a commitment to advance academic health science nationally as well as globally.

Below is a listing of those who received fellowship while on faculty at Memorial:

2014 Thomas Michalak, Faculty of Medicine
2013 Jane Green, Faculty of Medicine
2013 Proton Rahman, Faculty of Medicine
2012 Christopher Loomis, Vice-president (Research)
2011 Dale Corbett, Faculty of Medicine
2010 James Rourke, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
2008 Patrick Parfrey, University Research Professor, Faculty of Medicine
2007 John (Sean) Brosnan, University Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry
2005 Ian Bowmer, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine
2005 David Hawkins, 3rd Dean, Faculty of Medicine
2005 Kevin Keough, former Vice-president (Research and International Relations)