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Research Interests

My research program focuses on metabolic acclimation under environmental stresses.

One of my research topics is undertaken with the aim of providing better understanding of the relationship between hypoxia and metabolism as influenced by environmental conditions (i.e. thermal). The main objectives of the research are: 1) to examine the effect of acute normobaric hypoxia on metabolic rate as related to cold exposure and/or exercise; 2) to assess the effect of acute normobaric hypoxia on substrate utilization as monitored by selected endocrine responses; and 3) to determine whether or not the effect of acute normobaric hypoxia can accurately be differentiated from cold exposure and/or exercise as the true stimulant of acclimatory physiological responses.

Second, in collaboration with Dr. Billaut from the University of Lethbridge, we aim to investigate the effect of exercise-to-exhaustion on muscle coordination through a new paradigm that dissociates the effects of increased core temperature and impaired skeletal muscle function by manipulating cold and normobaric hypoxia exposures.