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Professor Mario DiSanto

Professor DiSanto is visiting Memorial in Januray to research the effect of speed of dynamic stretching on static and dynamic range of motion as well as subsequent performance (e.g. power, velocity etc.). He is taking advantage of facilities that his institution does not have to examine muscle activation with electromyography acquisition units as well as velocity, displacement and power during dynamic movements with the range of motion device, which was built by Technical Services.

Professor DiSanto is the head of the Chair of Gymnastics III and IV at the Instituto del Profesorado de Educación Física in Córdoba, Argentina. He has taught such courses as Flexibility and Training of Jump Skills for Football Players and Flexibility for Health and Fitness, as well as Olympic Gymnastics for Children.

During his career, DiSanto has been named the provincial artistic gymnastics champion several years running as well as one year as national champion. He's also had extensive experience as a professional trainer in football, rugby, field hockey and aerobics. He is also a published author.