School of Human Kinetics and Recreation News

HKR annual report

Check out some of the 2015-2016 highlights for the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation in this annual review. We celebrate and recognize the successes of our students, faculty, staff and community partnerships.


Danielle Adams at the 2545 class weekend adventure during summer 2016.

Trio of courses boosts recreation students’ environmental awareness.


Varsity athlete and graduate Katherine Vanden Elzen

Varsity experience influences fall graduate’s career choice.

Roul Lifing

Kinesiology graduate making her mark in power sport


Girl Run Club Team

Providing positive, alternative messaging for junior high age girls

From left are Dan Hodgson, Jonathan Reid, Dr. David Behm, Rebecca Greene and Nehara Herat on the St. Johnís campus. Missing from the photo is Israel Halperin.

HKR 'five-generation project' includes high school student.

Kenneth Joshua presenting in India

Graduate student hopes to challenge and change perceptions

Dr. Kevin Power

Simple movement or complex motor output?

Everest 3.0

Elementary students become virtual mountaineers through Everest 3.0.

Brandon Snow

Brandon Snow, who is legally blind, did not let his genetic condition get in the way of completing his degree.

His success is being celebrated this week; he crossed the stage to pick up his bachelor of kinesiology degree on June 1.