Meet our alumni

Nearly 100 per cent of HKR co-op students find workterm jobs and over the past year, our co-op students earned more than $600,000 through work terms employment. Not only that, for the past five years, about 80 per cent of our co-op students achieved honours degrees. Now that's something to brag about!

Below are some of those amazing students who'll give you an idea of what you can do with an HKR degree.

BannierTracy Bannier
Bachelor of Recreation (Co-op) (2006)

“The presentation skills I developed through Memorial’s recreation program translated very well to my oral advocacy work during my law degree. I believe the extensive interviewing experience I had through Memorial’s co-operative education program also gave me the confidence in many of the presentation and networking opportunities that are part of law school.”


Lori Walsh
Bachelor of Recreation (Co-op) (2011)
Future occupational therapist

"Having smaller class sizes is an advantage as it allows you to 

get to know your professors who are extremely helpful both academically and personally. Sharing experiences such as camping, kayaking, rock climbi

ng, and canoeing in addition to academic work certainly brings your class together and makes going to school that much better. HKR provides you not only with a fun filled university experience but also with a strong academic background to set you on your way to future careers."

Meaghan Ludlow
Bachelor of Kinesiology (Hons) (Co-op) (2007), MBA

"Keep an open mind and say yes to any opportunity that excites you! Who knows where a HKR degree will take you and it's a great starting point."

Cyril Brennan
BPE (co-op), B.Ed. (Intermediate/Secondary)

Sports, fitness and physical exercise specialist with the Canadian Forces

"From my very first class to the very final test I felt a sense of professionalism in the faculty and it radiated down to the students. The professors were knowledgeable about the subjects they instructed and all were highly accredited individuals. I learned so much from the people in that faculty and never once felt like I was just another student."

Megan Robinson
B.Kin. (Co-op), (Hons) (2007)

"Taking part in the co-op program is a wonderful way to gain exposure to potential career paths after graduation. I would encourage HKIN students participating to think outside of the box and go after those that will allow them to develop a broad range of skills."

Brian Cheeseman

Bachelor of Kinesiology (Co-op), 2006

"My HKR experience was awesome. Knowledgeable professors and staff made for a wonderful learning environment..."

Michelle Healey

B.P.E. (Co-op), M.P.E. (2005)

Former director of Athletics, Memorial University

"The people in the School were, and probably still are, the School’s best asset. It just seemed like people in the building cared about your well-being as a student, no matter what their role was... Without my training in the PE program, my experience in the varsity program and the experience I attained through co-op, I’m not exactly sure where my professional life would have taken me. The one thing I am sure about is that I wouldn’t change a thing!"

Ashley Mercer

Bachelor of Recreation (Co-op) 2009

"They pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, which allowed me to improve as a professional and an individual... If not for this opportunity, I don’t think I would be in the excellent position that I am in today. THANK YOU!"

Vanessa Linehan
Bachelor of Recreation (Co-op) 2005

"I learned to take new challenges, to take initiative in making decisions, to multi-task and to better organize myself... My employer mentioned that one of the reasons she had hired me was because of the work place skills and knowledge I gained through my work term experiences. I knew then that I definitely made the right decision in doing the co-op program."