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Faculty, staff and programs recognized

Dr. Anne-Marie Sullivan presents the PLE certificate to kin student Sarah Hansford

Students turned the tables and recognized faculty and staff with awards recently. 

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Watch your step: Researchers help seniors stay on their feet

Drs. Angela Loucks-Atkinson and Jeannette Byrne talking to seniors about falling

Since Mary Corbett had knee surgery nearly three years ago, she’s been terrified of falling. “I was terribly off balance and I have a fear of ice, as I’m sure most seniors do.” Mary also has fibromyalgia, which causes musculoskeletal pain.

Researchers in HKR are helping; one step at a time.




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One piece of the puzzle: Research to help people with spinal cord injuries

Dr. Kevin power and kinesiology masterís student Davis Forman perform tests on kinesiology student Michael Monks, which could lead to more mobility for people with spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Kevin Power’s lab looks a little like walking into a torture chamber. A subject is hooked up to electrodes and wires and sitting behind a stationary bike. One of the researchers uses a paddle-like instrument that sends magnetic stimulation to the subject’s brain. It sends a jolt every few seconds, making him jump. In between jolts, the subject is expected to use his upper body to peddle the bike as fast as possible. Then comes another jolt.

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