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Dr. Heather Carnahan
, BPE McMaster, PhD Waterloo

  • Human motor control and learning
  • Health professions education
  • Motor control and learning in challenging environments

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Dr. Scott MacKinnon,
BPE New Brunswick, M.Sc. Dalhousie, PhD Cape Town
  • Human performance in harsh environmental environments (motion induced interruptions, fatigue, sickness as it relates to physical and cognitive performance in maritime environments)
  • Maritime evacuation, escape and rescue
  • Detection of muscular fatigue and overuse injures
  • Modelling of situation awareness in maritime command and control settings

Dr. David Behm
, BPE,B.Ed. Ottawa, MS McMaster, PhD McGill
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland's President's Award for Outstanding Research, 2006
  • Neuromuscular responses to acute and chronic activity

Dr. TA Loeffler
, BA Prescott College, MS Mankato State, PhD Minnesota
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013
  • 3M National Teaching Fellowship, 2008
  • Minnesota State University Mankato Distinguished Alumni Award, 2008
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Volunteer of the Year Award, 2008
  • Association of Experiential Education Karl Rhonke Creativity Award, 2007
  • Association of Atlantic Universities Distinguished Teacher Award, 2006
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland President's Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2005.
  • The role of nature in health and physical activity
  • The phenomenology of the outdoor experience
  • Women's participation in outdoor leadership and physical activity

Associate Professors

Dr. Fabien Basset, BPE, M.Sc., PhD Laval

  • Cardiovascular adaptation and exercise
  • Muscle fatigue and human performance
  • Metabolic disorders induced by environmental factors
Dr. Antony Card, B.Ed.(Hons) DeMontfort, MA(Ed.), Ed.D., Southampton

  • Physical education curriculum development
  • Pedagogy and educational technology
  • Comprehensive school health
  • Outdoor education

Dr. Basil Kavanagh
, BPE, B.Ed., MPE Memorial, PhD Iowa

  • Performance enhancement specifically focusing on mental skills training that is directed towards assisting athletes attain consistent peak performance results.


Dr. Angela Loucks-Atkinson, BA, MA Waterloo, PhD Georgia

  • Health and well-being
  • Chronic illnesses and disabilities
  • Health and social psychology
  • Active lifestyle
  • Valued life activities
  • Constraints
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Lifespan
  • Methodological, measurement and statistical issues

Dr. Linda Rohr, B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., PhD Waterloo

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  • Integration of sensory feedback for skilled movement control
  • Gender performance differences on cognitive and motor tasks
  • Manual asymmetries and functional lateralization using both preference and performance indicators
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Dr. Anne-Marie Sullivan, B.Rec. Dalhousie, MA Waterloo, PhD Guelph

  • Problem gambling behaviours
  • Leisure education
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Developmental aspects of leisure
  • Leisure and well-being/quality of life
  • Risk-taking behaviours among youth
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Participatory action research

Dr. Ralph Wheeler, BPE, B.Ed., MPE, Memorial, PhD Alberta

  • Sport sociology
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching pedagogy in physical education

Assistant Professors

Dr. Duane Button, B.Kin. Memorial, MPE Memorial, PhD University of Manitoba, Certified Exercise Physiologist

  • Nervous system adaptations to chronically increased and decreased activity

Dr. Jeannette Byrne
, B.Sc. (PT) Dalhousie, M.Sc. Waterloo, PhD Waterloo

  • Factors influencing joint and muscle function in both healthy and injured populations
  • Biomechanical modelling
  • Knee function following total knee arthroplasty
  • Physiotherapy interventions aimed at optimizing joint and muscle function

Dr. Michelle Kilborn, B.Ed. Victoria, MA(Ed) Victoria, PhD Alberta


  • Curriculum and pedagogy in physical education
  • Curriculum theory
  • Wellness education
  • Wisdom traditions
  • Physical education teacher education
  • Action research
  • Autobiographical research with pre-service & in-service physical educators
  • Children and youth health promotion (health promoting school approaches)

Dr. Erin McGowan, B.Sc.(Hons) Ottawa, M.Sc. Memorial, PhD Western

  • Exploring the effects of physical activity on managing treatment side effects and improving overall quality of lifeHealth behaviour change in cancer survivorsÂ

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Dr. Kevin Power, B. Kin. Memorial, MPE Memorial, PhD Manitoba, CSEP-CEP

  • How exercise-endurance training may or may not alter the functioning of the central nervous system.
  • The effects of excercise warm-up on the nervous system; investigating whether a standard warm-up procedure alters corticospinal excitability.
  • The health effects of a combined resistance and endurance training program following cancer treatment

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Professor emeritus

Dr. C. Higgs, B.Sc. Oregon, M.Sc. Oregon, M.Ed. Oregon, PhD Oregon

Kellie Baker, BA Dalhousie, BPE, B.Ed., MPE Memorial, PHD (candidate), Memorial
Courses taught:
  • HKR 2001  Introduction to Physical Education for Education Students
  • HKR 2210 Physical Activities Course: Movement Concepts
  • HKR 2220  Physical Activities Course: Gymnastics and Aquatics (Educational Gymnastics)
  • HKR 2300  Growth and Development
  • HKR 3110  Curriculum Development and Teaching Methods
  • HKR 3490  Women in Sport and Physical Activity
  • HKR 4220  Physical Activities Course: Territorial Games
  • HKR: 4420 Issues
  • HKR 6615  Positive Youth Development (MPE)
  • HKR 6610 Individual Reading and Research in Special Areas (MPE)
  • Models based practice in physical education
  • Self-study of Teacher Education Practice (S-STEP)
  • Physical education teacher education (PETE)
  • Practitioner research
  • Physical education curriculum development
  • Positive youth development

Professional Associates

Kevin Redmond
, PhD(c), BPE, B.Ed., MPE Memorial
Dip Community Recreation Leadership (CRL) CNA

  • The phenomenology of the outdoor experience
  • Experiential, outdoor, adventure education
  • Pedagogy/PE curriculum development
  • PE teacher training

Per-Course Instructors
The list of per-course instructors changes each semester. Their names and contact information are listed on a separate page: