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Friday Seminar Series

Friday, March 28

PE-2028, 12:00 p.m.

Dr. Adam Dubrowski, Divisions of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics - Faculty of Medicine - Memorial University, will give a talk entitlted:

"The Right Tool for the Job: Accelerating Skills Acquisition in Health Professions Through Focused Simulated-Skills Training"


Simulation in health professions education and training is defined as the replication of a task or an event for the purpose of training and/or assessment. Simulation is not a novel concept as, for centuries, health professionals used animate and inanimate objects on which to practice theirs skills before attempting them on real patients. However, it is only recently that simulation has received considerable attention as an educational method, leading to research aiming at standardization of its use. This presentation will highlight how theoretical constructs and research methods derived from kinesiology and other related fields can be applied to simulation research to enhance our understanding of how it should be used, why it works or does not work, and how to optimize its effectiveness in training of health professionals. Ultimately, better education and training, leads to better prepared health professionals, and hopefully safer health care delivery.

For inquiries, please contact Dr. Fabien Basset School of Human Kinetics and Recreation