HKR Friday Seminar Series

Fridays at noon in room PE-2028 from September to April





1 Sept. 9 What am I doing here?
Grant Applications
1. Become a scholar. Accessed August 23, 2016. 
2 Sept. 16 Grad studenting 

1. Markowetz F. You Are Not Working For Me; I Am Working With you. PLOS Computational Biology. 2015 

2. Kearns H, Gardiner M. The care and maintenance of your adviser. Nature. 2011

3 Sept. 23 If a tree falls in the forest…  1. Creswell J. Chapter 1: A framework for design. In Research Design. 2003. Sage Publications. Thousand Oakes.
4 Sept. 30 How to read a paper  1. Fuller, D., Gauvin, L., Kestens, Y., Morency, P., Daniel, M., & Drouin, L. Impact evaluation of a public bicycle share program on cycling: A case example of BIXI in Montreal, Canada. American Journal of Public Health 103(3):e85-92. 
5 Oct. 7 Lighting Talks - Profs 
  1. Heather Carnahan
  2. Dave Behm
  3. Angela Loucks-Atkinson
  4. Daniel Fuller
6 Oct. 14 Something old  1. Morris J N. Crawford M D. Coronary heart disease and physical activity of work. British Medical Journal. 1958. 
7 Oct. 21 Invited Presentation  Dr. Dave Behm 
8 Oct. 28 Invited Presentation  Dr. Amy Auchincloss. Drexel University.
9 Nov. 4 Something new 

1. Brown W J. Mielke G I. Kolbe-Alexander T L. Gender equality in sport for improved public health. The Lancet. 2016. 

2. Ekelund U. Steene-Johannessen J. Brown W J. Fagerland M W. Owen N. Powell K E. Baumen A. Lee I-M. Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the deterimental association of sitting time with mortality? A harmonised meta-analysis of data from more than 1 million men and women. The Lancet. 2016. 

10 Nov. 11 Remember to Remember  A living memorial:
11 Nov. 18 Lighting Talks - Students   
12 Nov. 25 Lighting Talks - Students  
13 Dec. 2  TBD