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Dean's Office

Dr. Heather Carnahan
Office: PE 2027
Telephone: 790-864-8129 Fax: 709-864-7531

Hickey, Marie
Secretary to the dean
Office: PE 2026
Telephone: 709-864-8129; Fax: 709-864-7531

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Linda Rohr
Office: PE 2025
Telephone: 790-864-6202

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Scott MacKinnon
Office: PE 2023A
Telephone: 709-864-3408

Academic staff

Saunders, John, B.Ed. (Post-Secondary), M.Ed. (Post-Secondary) (Memorial)
Academic program officer
Office: PE 2029B
Telephone: 709-864-8668; Fax: 709-864-3979

Co-operative Education staff

Downey, Julie, B.Sc. (Memorial)
Co-op co-ordinator
Office: PE 2008A
Telephone: 709-864-8038; Fax: 709-864-2175

Hall, Diane
Co-operative education secretary
Office: PE 2008B
Telephone: 709-864-2172; Fax: 709-864-2175

Innes, Gail, BA(Hons.) York University, MALS (Wesleyan University)
Co-op co-ordinator
Office: PE2008
Telephone: 709-864-2173; Fax: 709-864-2175

General Office Staff

Doyle, Jenna
Clerk stenographer
Office: PE 2029, General Office
Telephone: 709-864-8143

Harding, Michael
Manager, finance and administration
Office: PE 2029C
Phone: 709-864-4227 Fax: 709-864-3979

Cole, Nicole
Administrative staff specialist
Office: PE 2029D
Phone: 709-864-8680

Woolfrey-Fahey, Sandy
Communications co-ordinator
Office: PE 2007B
Phone: 709-864-2902

Willis, Janice
Intermediate clerk stenographer
Office: PE 2029B, General Office
Telephone: 709-864-4329; Fax: 709-864-3979


Alkanani, Dr. Thamir (Tim), M.Sc., PhD, (McGill)
Research program co-ordinator
Office: PE 1008
Telephone: 709-864-4363; Fax: 709-864-3979

Lab Instructor

Silvey, Dustin
Lab instructor
Office:  PE 2007
Telephone: 709-864-6263

Varsity Athletics

Murphy, Karen
Office:  PE 2021C
Telephone:  709-864-8683

Menecola, Shayne, BRC, (Memorial)
Office: PE 2021B
Telephone: 709-864-8682

Whitney O'Byrne
Marketing co-ordinator
Telephone: 709-864-3479

Benoite, Peter
Men's basketball coach
Office: PE 2020C
Telephone: 709-864-8442

Women's basketball coach
Office: PE 2020B

Allied Health Services

Kelly, Liam, B.Kin. (Memorial), M.Sc.Kin. candidate (Memorial)
Office: 1017
Telephone: 709-864-2025

Bradbury, Erin, B. Kin. (Hons.), M.Sc.Kin. (Memorial)
Ergonomics specialist
Office: 1011A
Telephone: 709-864-7242

Mullaly-Dobbin, Krista, BPE, MA (Candidate)
Athletic therapy co-ordinator
Office: PE 2003B
Telephone: 709-864-3442

Brennan, Jerome, BPE
Strength and conditioning specialist
Office: Powerplex
Telephone: 709-864-6549

PC Support

Hilliard, David
Office: PE 2020A
Telephone: 709-864-3712

Building Co-ordinator

Moloney, Paul
Senior clerk
Office: PE 2014
Telephone: 709-864-8445; Fax: 709-864-3979