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VO2 Max/Submaximal Testing

VO2 Max Test

A VO2max Test is the gold standard for measuring aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is the ability to use oxygen at an efficient rate during muscular work. A high level of aerobic fitness is desirable for many sports, occupations, and health benefits.

The gas collection analysis method is the most reliable of all methods of VO2max testing. VO2max testing can be performed on a treadmill, a cycle ergometer, or in a variety of different sport and activity settings. The test duration is usually 10-15 minutes and progresses from relatively easy intensity up to maximal intensity.

Allied Health Services utilizes state of the art equipment for measuring maximal oxygen consumption. Test results can be used to classify the aerobic fitness of the client and can be compared to age-matched normal values or to specific sport or occupational data.

Submaximal Test

A submaximal test is very similar to a VO2max test. We use the same equipment and procedure except that the test stops at about 85% of your age-predicted Heart Rate.

Aerobic Capacity Field Testing

Aerobic capacity tests are used in the determination of a person's aerobic fitness. Aerobic capacity is a measure of the rate at which oxygen can be taken in, transported, and used to perform muscular work.Aerobic capacity field tests include maximal and submaximal testing protocols, and continous and discontinous tests. The 20m shuttle run test and the University of Montreal track test fall into the continous category whereas the Mercier 3-minute test falls into the discontinous category. These tests are typically performed on a track, gym or sports field. Aerobic capacity field testing protocols can be adapted to any sport, activity, or occupation.


Once you completed your VO2max test or submaximal test you will receive your own personalized report including useful information for training purposes such as:

Personalized Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) training table Personalized Heart Rate (HR) training zones Maximal HR VO2max value compared to North American norms Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS)

If you would like to watch a demonstration of a VO2max test please click here

Please print and complete the appropriate forms and bring them with you to your scheduled testing appointment with Allied Health Services:

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