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Diabetes Prevention Program

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association Pre-diabetes refers to blood glucose levels that are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes (i.e. a fasting plasma glucose level of 7.0 mmol/L or higher). Although not everyone with pre-diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes, many people will. With the prevalence of diabetes in Newfoundland and Labrador predicted to continue increasing at a devastating rate, the demand for a method of diabetes prevention and management are at an all time high. Unfortunately there is no cure once you are diagnosed with the disease however, research has shown that managing your blood glucose levels when you have pre-diabetes can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes from developing. Simple lifestyle changes, increased physical activity, and a healthy, low-fat meal plan are some potential ways to reduce blood glucose levels.

Allied Health Services is currently in the process of developing a prevention program specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This program would include initial and post program fitness testing, exercise prescription, diet analysis and suggestions, and educational seminars. With a primary focus of 'Small steps, Big rewards" Allied Health aims to create a prevention program that can be adapted to individual needs to reduce risk of developing diabetes.

For more information on our Diabetes Prevention Program, please conatct us.