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Allied Health Services values your feedback! Here are some of the comments sent to us by our clients. If you have worked with us in the past and would like to leave a comment please click here.

"Allied Health Services helped me reach a peak of health and fitness before heading off to Mount Everest. I know I am already further up the mountain than I would have been without their support."
TA Loeffler, Mount Everest 2010

"I would like to thank Sylvie (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) for providing a first-class service to our aspiring players and judging from the feedback we have received so far the players felt that they were challenged on conditioning levels"
Dragan Mirkovic, Technical Director of Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association
"The presence of Sylvie (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) has allowed us to use our limited practice time to concentrate on basketball skill development and leave fitness in the hands of a professional. As well, we have been the fittest best prepared team in our league that has allowed us to go 20-6 in league play since she started with us two years ago"
Doug Partridge, Memorial Sea-Hawks Women's Basketball Head Coach
"The girls fitness has enabled them to have faster recovery rates after intense points during a match and during intense bout of exercise during practice. Furthermore, the endurance has been improved 10 fold. If we find ourselves in a 5 set match, we have the legs to finish and the teams we play just can't keep up. We have found ourselves in 3 five set matches so far this season and all of them have been wins...
Having a trained professional run these sessions also takes pressure off coaches both for liability and time management reasons. I will honestly say that Sylvie (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) has played a role in our success so far this season, and will continue to play a significant role as we prepare for the second half of the season."
Mellissa Oates, Memorial Sea-Hawks Women's Volleyball Head Coach
"Billy was physically transformed by Jerome (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and the center's advice, and the lessons learned will continue to benefit him beyond Canada Games. Strength and conditioning is just one of the many aspects of training for which a Provincial coach is typically responsible. Having the opportunity to 'subcontract' this to specialists really, really benefits the coach and the athlete. The athlete gets better strength and conditioning advice. And the coach gets more time to focus on the sport-specific aspects of coaching. This Center has and will be a huge benefit to sports in NL, I look forward to utilizing this service for years to come."
Coach Gorden Breen, Bicycle Newfoundland and Labrador
"As a coach I found that having these knowledgeable High Performance teachers (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) spend time with our team took a lot of pressure off the coaches. As a coach I was also being educated and Jerome (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) was always willing to answer any questions I had or the athletes had. I feel this program benefitted us when it came to competing at the National Level and aided us in finishing raking higher than we were ranked going into Canada Games. A thank you goes to Jerome for all his work and to his dedication when we came back from Canada Games aiding the athletes in a recovery program"
Assistant coach Doreen Pond, Newfoundland and Labrador Basketball Association.
"Program was very beneficial to our team...our girls were amongst the fittest and physically strongest teams at the tournament, despite being the youngest team. We were able to play 5 intense games in 5 short days under very grueling conditions and avoid injury, and I attribute that to the high levels of conditioning they reached."
"The program challenged our athletes, which was exactly what we wanted, and also I think our athletes now realize that commitment to a long term strength and conditioning program is vital to success at any elite level."
"To offer this service and facility to our athletes is an ENORMOURS step forward for elite sport in our Province, and I would like to see the program continue every year, not just in Canada Games years."
Coach Mike Power, Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association