History of Allied Health Services

The idea of a Kinesiology clinic was originally proposed by Dr. Fabien Basset to serve as an outlet for Kinesiology students to apply their knowledge and acquired skills in a practical laboratory setting.This concept eventually evolved towards a more collective Allied Health approach to complement the diversity of programs, research, and expertise within the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation.The School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Allied Health Services (SHKR-AHS) was initiated by Dr. Mary Bluechardt in June 2007 in response to the following factors:

  • The need for Allied Health Services, as initially proposed, to enhance its capabilities to satisfy the academic program and research needs of SHKR faculty, students, staff, and varsity athletes.
  • To call for increased collaboration among other health faculties and schools in support of the NL Governments White Paper on inter-professional education and research among health professionals.
  • Development and support of Memorial University's Wellness Initiatives within the realm of SHKR's abilities.
  • The creation of an establishment that could align itself within the structure of Memorial's Centre for Health.

In the early stages of AHS, our two co-op students Melissa Dugal and Erica Pritchett worked very hard to establish the first guidelines and first documents for AHS. As AHS began to grow, Dr. Basset and Dr. Bluechardt succeeded in attracting $100, 000 to equip the Cardiorespiratory laboratory with updated equipment to be shared between research and AHS. At this date, AHS has 5 full-time and 5 part-time staff.