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Aerobic Capacity Field Testing

Aerobic capacity tests are used in the determination of a person's aerobic fitness. Aerobic capacity is a measure of the rate at which oxygen can be taken in, transported, and used to perform muscular work.

Aerobic capacity field tests include maximal and submaximal testing protocols, and continous and discontinous tests. The 20m shuttle run test and the University of Montreal track test fall into the continous category whereas the Mercier 3-minute test falls into the discontinous category. These tests are typically performed on a track, gym or sports field. Aerobic capacity field testing protocols can be adapted to any sport, activity, or occupation.

Please print and complete the appropriate forms and bring them with you to your scheduled testing appointment with Allied Health Services:

  • Client Information Sheet
  • PAR-Q
  • Preliminary Instructions
  • ParMed-X (for clients above age 40)

For more information or to schedule an aerobic fitness test, please contact us.