Megan Robinson

Megan Robinson
Bachelor of Kinesiology, (Co-op), (honors) (2007)
Hometown: St. John’s

How was your experience with the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation?

Doing my undergrad at Memorial with the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation was a wonderful way to develop skills and learn about potential career paths. In addition, I was fortunate to make friends whom I remain close with to this day.

Where did you spend your work terms? What did you learn?

I spent my first work term with The Works as a camp counselor. My final two work terms I spent with Memorial’s Department of Athletics where I was responsible for a variety of aspects of the sales, marketing, event management and operations of athletic events and programs.

How have these experiences contributed to your career path?

Participating in these work terms was valuable in exposing me to new potential career paths outside of the traditional ones often followed by HKIN students. I learned a great deal about business operations which has allowed me to look at a variety of industries outside of sport in which to take my career. I was fortunate to have work term positions which allowed me to develop a very broad skill set. These skills I have been able to transfer to a variety of different positions and I believe my career will continue to grow based on the core skills I learned during my time at Memorial. I also keep in touch with my mentors at the HKR co-op office which is a testament to the willingness of the office to invest in the students.

Do you have any advice for students considering co-op?

Taking part in the co-op program is a wonderful way to gain exposure to potential career paths after graduation. I would encourage HKIN students participating to think outside of the box and go after those that will allow them to develop a broad range of skills.

Where have you worked since graduation?

Upon graduating I moved to Vancouver, BC after being offered a position with Simon Fraser University in their athletic department. In this position I was responsible for the promotion and execution of all Clan athletic home games. I have since worked in the operations and management of events at UBC and now oversee the sales and marketing of all UBC Athletic events. My position at UBC has allowed me to be part of a number of high profile events in Vancouver including the 2010-2011 Toronto Raptors Training Camp and the 2010 Winter Olympic games.


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