NLCAHR Grant 2008

Dr. Peter Wang (PI; Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine) and Dr. Angela Loucks-Atkinson were the recipients of a development grant awarded from Newfoundland and Labrador Centre Applied Health Research (NLCAHR) for their study “Healthy Aging in Newfoundland and Labrador: An Epidemiological Study to Enhance Mobility and Participation in Society.”

The purpose of the proposed study is to describe the current prevalence, determinants, and outcomes of mobility disability in the NL older adult population. The aims of the study will be addressed through secondary data analyses using Statistics Canada’s Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS 2006-2007). PALS is Canada's national survey that gathers information about individuals whose daily activities are limited by a health-related conditions.

Using structural equation modeling, they will model the prevalence, determinants
and outcomes of mobility disability in individuals 65 years of age and older in NL (n ≈ 60,000). Funds from this grant will be used to purchase the dataset from StatsCan, fund a graduate student (in Community Health and Humanities), and Medicine and HKR will host a half-day workshop to showcase the project to researchers and practitioners focusing on the health of the Atlantic Canadian older adults.

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