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History Beyond the Documents: Material, Visual, and Oral Approaches

Saturday, 16 March

Presented by Dominique Brégent-Heald, Marica Cassis, Neil Kennedy and Lianne Leddy

Dominique Brégent-Heald considered visual representations of the Mounties and Texas Rangers in films of the early twentieth century as a way of investigating race, class, gender, and the law in the borderlands of the North American West.


Lianne Leddy used a variety of sources to explore Indigenous history in Canada, in an approach that is sensitive to how oral history interviews might be incorporated into accounts of change.

How can the study of the senses help us understand the past? Neil Kennedy discussed new research on the meaning and uses of sounds and soundscapes, referencing examples from the history of slavery in the American South and the Caribbean.


Marica Cassis used archaeology and material culture to gain insights into the undocumented world of medieval Turkey.