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Graduate Students

Vanessa Childs Rolls; Ph.D. Student
Welfare Capitalism and Social Control at Sydney Steel Emergency Hopsital.
Supervisor: Dr. Sean Cadigan.

Mekaela Gulliver; Ph.D. Student
Preserving the Best:  Newfoundland's Cultural Movement, 1965-1983
Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Webb

Shelly Kawaja; Ph.D. Student 
Supervisor: Dr. Sean Cadigan

Emma Lang; Ph.D. Student
M.A. Museum Studies, George Washington University, 2010
B.A. History as a Means for Social Change, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2007.
I'm interested in unions and worker-oriented mutual aid societies in maritime communities in Atlantic Canada and New England in the early twentieth century. I'll be focusing on how interactions between communities in the region and across the North Atlantic world influenced their development. As a museum professional I'm also interested in looking into how the preservation of these histories can benefit the communities today.
Supervisor: Sean Cadigan

Gwyneth MacNeil, Ph.D. Student
M.A. History, University of Waterloo, 2014
B.A. Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Waterloo, 2013
- Environmental History
- Canadian History
- the Canadian North
- Aboriginal Peoples
I am interested in ecological and sociological consequences of the pollution and toxicity of 20th century industrialization on Aboriginal peoples in the Canadian North (specifically the Northwest Territories, and possibly the Yukon).
Supervisor(s): John Sandlos, Arn Keeling

Bill Miles; Ph.D. Student 
*Royal Navy
*Transatlantic Maritime World
Supervisor: Drs. Lewis Fischer/Olaf Janzen

Phillip Reid; Ph.D. Student
(MA Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology, East Carolina University, 1998)
*Maritime technology
*early modern Atlantic maritime commerce
Current Project:  "Gone Down the Ways:  The Evolution of Maritime Technology in the Atlantic World, 1600-1800"
I am investigating continuity and change in maritime technology in the Atlantic World from the establishment of English America to the age of revolutions, to test the hypothesis that the subject has been ignored or misunderstood by historians of the Atlantic World and left out of the wider historical context by historians of maritime technology.  The goal is to integrate Atlantic World and maritime technological history for the benefit of both.  Methodologies include re-examination of existing literature, quantitative and anecdotal archival research, and technical analysis of vessel design and construction.
Supervisor: Dr. Neil Kennedy

Curtis B. Robinson; Ph.D. Student
(MA Nipissing University)
*Canada in the Great War
*international relations, war and society
*Stalin's Russia
*modern Germany
*theory and methods.
Current Research: Canadians, the Hun and the origins of insecurity.  I am interested in the duality between domestic surveillance agencies and wider society where the agency acts as a national muscle of morality or an agency of social control.
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Sweeny

George Withers; Ph.D. Student 
*Newfoundland Resettlement
Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Webb

James Armour; MA Student 
Moses Harvey's Writings
Supervisor: Dr. Sean Cadigan

Howard Butler; MA Student
(BA, Memorial University)
*History and Literature
*Marxist Philosophy
*The Soviet Union
*Espionage and Terrorism.
Supervisor:  Dr. Edita Bosák

Edward Dodd; MA Student
(BA Hons, University of Regina)
*Edwardian Seafaring
*British Naval Policy
*British Imperialism
Supervisor: Dr. Valerie Burton

Matthew Field; MA Student 
WWII:  Canadian-Allied War Efforts
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Humphries

Rose Fox; MA Student
(BA Hons, with High Distinction, University of Toronto History Specialist, Minor in Jewish Studies, Minor in Canadian Studies)
Master Research Paper Title:  "Fifty Years in the Making:  Mary River, Baffin Island Iron Ore Exploration Project."
Supervisor: Dr. John Sandlos

Darrell Hillier; MA Student 
WWII Newfound Military (Aviation) History
Supervisor: Dr. Michael O'Brien

Matthew King; MA Student
(BA, Memorial University)
*Film Noir
Supervisor: Dr. Dominque Brégent-Heald

David Newman; MA Student 
Evangelical Tradition within Newfoundland: Harbour Grace
Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Webb

Jeffry Neuhouser; MA Student
B.A. in History from Taylor University, Upland, Indiana
*Gay and Lesbian History/LGBT History
*Women's History
*Civil Rights
*History of Church Thought
*Social History
Supervisor: Dr. Neil Kennedy

Liam O'Keefe; MA Student
* Rock music history and historiography
* Psychedelic rock and culture
* Popular music marketing
* Music criticism
Supervisor: Skip Fischer

Christopher Reid; MA Student 
(BA, Double Major, History and Political Science, Memorial University)
(Bachelor of Education, Intermediate/Secondary Education, Memorial University)
*Newfoundland in the World Wars
*History of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (1795-Present)
*Espionage and Terrorism
*Provincial-Federal Governmental Relations
*Newfoundland Educational Policy
*International Law
For my MA research project, I am researching the relationship between officers and enlisted men in the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War.  It is my hope to determine how these two classes interacted and what bearing this relationship had on the effectiveness of the Regiment.  This will be accomplished by comparing records of the RNR with similar research that had already been completed on British and Canadian units.
Supervisor: Dr. Mark Humphries

Joan Sullivan; MA Student 
Newfoundland's Collective Theatre Plays of the 1970s & 1980s
Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Webb