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John Sandlos: Teaching

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I am very excited to be teaching three of my favourte courses, and one new fourth year class, in 2013-14. In all of my courses, I create lots of opportunties for students to interact with the professor, and with each other. I invite you to join me for a great learning experience in any or all of these courses:

Fall 2013

  • HIST 6010 The History Wars is a graduate course about contemporary public and academic debates over the meaning of major events in Canadian history. The course explores the role of ideology in the making of Canadian history. 
  • HIST 1013 Issues in Canadian History assesses major themes in Canadian history from an environmental perspective. This is a research and writing course, and so we will spend lots of time learning how to build an essay from the ground up.

 Winter 2014

  • HIST 2210 Modern Canada is a survey of the most important events in Canadian history (wars, rebellions, skirmishes, and the like). We learn in this course from a variety of sources, including print, film, audio recordings, and from lectures and discussion. 
  • HIST 4XXX Canada and the Great White North is a seminar that will examine the idea of North in Canadian history, and the importance of northern history to understanding Canada. Students interested in Aboriginal history, exploration, and resource issues will want to take this course, but all students will find lots to think about. Once again, we will use a lot of different media, including print, film, audio, and web-based primary sources. 

I also hope to teach in future years HIST 3030 Environmental History examines human relationships to the environment from a global perspective. We will try to use the past as way of learning about environmental problems and solutions in the present



Graduate positions for 2014-15

I am interested in working with graduate students or honours students whose research plans falls into the broad field of Canadian environmental history. I am particularly interested in working with graduate students who would like to conduct research on the history of mining or other industrial activities in northern Canada.