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John Sandlos: Research

Pine Point Abondoned Mining Pit

My research interests incorporate broad themes from Canadian, American, and global environmental history. Much of my recent research material examines the conflict between state wildlife managers and resource harvesters in the hinterland regions of Canada. I have recently completed a major study of conflicts between the federal government’s wildlife bureaucracy and Aboriginal hunters in the Northwest Territories (and present day Nunavut). This work also examines the federal government’s attempts to commercialize wildlife populations within the Canadian North.

The results of this research, titled Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories, were published by the University of British Columbia Press in the spring of 2007. The book was winner of the Canadian Historical Association's 2008 Clio Prize for best book on the history of the Canadian North and the Forest History Society's 2008 Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Prize for best book in forest and conservation history.
My major reseach project over the next several years is the following:
  • Northern Exposures: A SSHRC funded study of the historical geogrphies of toxic substances in northern Canada. 
  • The Toxic Legacy of Gold Mining in Yellowknife: A SSHRC funded study of the historical issues and contemporary dillemmas associated with the long-term storage of arsenic trioxide in underground chambers at Yellowkinfe's Giant Mine.
  • Industrial Mining in Arctic Canada: An ArcticNet funded study of the social, economic, and environmental impact of mining and exploration in arctic locations such as Rankin Inlet and the Polaris Mine. 

For more details about these projects click here. For our movie about mining history, click here. For other videos about my research click here

Other Projects have Included:

  • the Abandoned Mines in Northern Canada Project 
  • a study of Aboriginal exclusion from Canada’s national parks
  • tourism in the Canadian national parks system from 1885 to 1935
  • a study of the Rocky Mountain photographer Byron Harmon