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Memorial University holds a consolidated radioisotope licence issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission covering all use of radioactive materials on University premises and in other locations where Memorial University personnel are involved.

The Radiation & Biosafety Control Officer administers Memorial’s Radiation Policy and Procedures on behalf of the Radiation Control Committee.

Anyone wishing to acquire or use radioactive materials must first obtain the Committee’s approval through a radioisotope user permit. All purchases of radioactive materials for all divisions of Memorial University are made by Environmental Health & Safety personnel, and only persons with a valid permit are allowed to purchase radioactive materials.

Other services performed include inspection of facilities where radioactive materials are used and stored, monitoring of laboratory procedures for use of radioactive materials, provision of instructional programs in radiation safety, and issue of radiation dosimeters.

Provincial regulations require registration of all x-ray equipment and inspection of facilities where x-ray equipment is used. This is coordinated through Environmental Health & Safety.

For information on radiation safety, please call 864-8250 or by e-mail at