Report a Health & Safety Issue or Concern

By completely filling out the form below, your health & safety issue/concern will be sent to the appropriate member of the Department of Health & Safety.

Procedure for Reporting a Health & Safety Issue or Concern

The Department of Health & Safety encourages the use of the following process for reporting health & safety concerns:

  • Report the concern to your immediate supervisor or person-in-charge. Concerns related to air circulation, temperature fluctuations etc., should be referred to the Facilitity Liaison Officer. Some resoluation and remediation actions may need to involve the departmental safety committee or the senior departmental administrators.
  • When the problem requires specialized expertise the department should refer the issue to the Department of Health & Safety for further action and policy consideration.
  • The worker may call the Department of Health & Safety directly if their concern is not being addressed to their satisfaction.
  • Reports will be kept confidential if so required.
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