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Ergonomics Program

Ergonomics Program

..... adapting your workspace to you

Ergonomics (workstation): the science of arranging and adjusting your work environment to fit you and your body.

Memorial University through Environmental Health & Safety is implementing an ergonomics program which includes ergonomic assessments and a comprehensive musculoskeletal injury prevention program for all employees. Over the next several years every position within the university will be assessed in order to identify risk factors that may lead to musculoskeletal injury. Personalized ergonomic assessments for MUN employees are provided in conjunction with Allied Health Services.

Ergonomics focuses on the interaction between work and various components of the work environment, taking into account not only productivity but the prevention and/or reduction of injury. An important aspect of ergonomics is fitting the task and work environment to the worker, as opposed to an individual having to conform to their surroundings.

A proper ergonomic assessment will identify and address any concerns with an individual’s workstation or work tasks that place them at an increased risk for musculoskeletal injury. Adjustments will then be made to the workstation or task to reduce overreaching, repetition, and awkward postures, all of which are risk factors for developing musculoskeletal injury.

What Does an Ergonomic Assessment Include?

Here at Memorial an ergonomic assessment includes:

  1. Questions about your daily work tasks
  2. Questions about any previous injury or conditions that may affect your comfort at your workstation
  3. Questions about individual characteristics such as hand dominance, height etc. that are relevant to your workstation set up
  4. Observation of your current workstation and how you perform your work tasks
  5. Measurements of you and your workstation

After you are assessed, a report with relevant recommendations will be completed with a copy of the report sent to you and your supervisor.

How Do I Schedule an Ergonomic Assessment?

Assessments are available to all employees, who are prioritized based on level of symptoms. All employees requesting an assessment will be seen as soon as possible. Employees may request a workstation assessment by downloading and completing all sections of the forms below:

Please forward these completed forms to Environmental Health and Safety. An e-mail will be sent to you within approximately 72 hours with a tentative date scheduled for your assessment.

If you require further information, please contact 864-3458 or email

Send completed forms to: Ergonomics PE-1017