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Stakeholder Engagement:

Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee has been struck to provide business leadership and guidance for the successful implementation of the newly procured HSMS. The goal is to ensure that all affected units are effectively engaged concerning changes in their departments or units. With representatives from a wide range of departments and groups, the purpose of the Committee is to make recommendations regarding the implementation of the new system, with focus on issues specific to the department, unit or campus being represented.

Faculty of Science, Dr. Mark Abrahams (Dean of Science)
Dept of Environmental Health and Safety, Barbara Battcock (Associate Director)
Office of the Vice-President (Research), Dr. Ray Gosine (Assoc Vice-President Research)
Marine Institute, Michael Fowler (Human Resources Manager)
Student Affairs and Services, Robert Shea (Deputy Provost)
Grenfell Campus, Gary Bradshaw (Associate Vice-President)
Facilities Management, Darrell Miles, (Director)

This committee meets quarterly, at a minimum, to review project status and seek approval on project plan and receive guidance on key decision points.

Lab Safety Committee

The Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) was established to harmonize laboratory and research safety issues under a single umbrella. The role of the LSC is to address health and safety issues related to working and teaching with chemicals, and any other lab-specific hazards on a more uniform basis. The committee has representation from MI, Grenfell, Ocean Science, Faculty of Science, Earth Science, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy and others. This committee has been actively engaged in the planning stages of the Store Front/Chemical Safety module to ensure that the system being developed is one that will meet the needs of all stakeholders. Project decisions points and project status updates are reviewed with the committee during the committee's regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

User Training

Training session will be organized and scheduled for all system users. A user manual will also be provided.

Pilot Testing

We will recruit users from all units to pilot test the system and identify components that need tweaking and customization before receiving approval to launch the system live.