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Management Structure

Mgt Structure

Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee has been struck to provide the business leadership and guidance for the successful implementation of the newly procured HSMS. The goal is to ensure that all affected units are effectively communicated concerning changes in their departments or units. With representatives from a wide range of departments and groups, the purpose of the Committee is to make recommendations regarding the implementation of the new system, with focus on issues specific to the department, unit or campus being represented.

  • Faculty of Science, Dr. Mark Abrahams (Dean of Science)
  • Dept of Environmental Health and Safety, Barbara Battcock (Associate Director)
  • Office of the Vice-President (Research), Dr. Ray Gosine (Assoc Vice-President Research)
  • Marine Institute, Michael Fowler (Human Resources Manager)
  • Student Affairs and Services, Robert Shea (Deputy Provost)
  • Grenfell Campus, Gary Bradshaw (Associate Vice-President)
  • Facilities Management, Darrell Miles, (Director)

Steering Committee
The Department of Environmental Health and Safety has partnered with the Department of Computing and Communications (C&C) to implement the new HSMS. C&C is hosting and supporting the HSMS Servers and is providing project management to support the planning and coordination to implement the new system and at its eleven modules.

  • Dept of C&C, Denise Jones (Manager, Project Management Office)
  • Dept of C&C, Bill Downey (Project Manager)
  • Dept of Environmental Health and Safety, Barbara Battcock (Associate Director)

Project Team
Varies based on Module to:

Radiation    Rob Hobbs   
Permit Registration Barbara Battcock
Construction Darrell Gosse
Fire Safety Pat St. Croix
Biological Rod Hobbs
Storefront Dion Bennett
Chemical Kendra Whelan


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