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Health & Safety Management System Software (HSMS)

Memorial University's new health and safety management system software will provide the University community with the technological tools to ensure safe and simple management of health and safety information. This new software will facilitate the management of hazardous materials from acquisition to disposal in accordance with regulatory requirements.  The software includes modules for Radiation Safety, Ergonomics, Construction, and Indoor Air Quality.

This web-based system was selected by a user group of researchers, lab technicians, staff and students from various faculties. Phase 1 of the project, focusing on Radiation Safety, has been implemented across campus.


Phase 1 - Radiation Safety Module - Active

  • System for managing radioactive materials including permits, inventory and waste disposal controls at Memorial University laboratories.

  • Manage waste pick-ups in addition to viewing laboratory results from inspections.

  • Replaces old rutherford system for managing radioactive materials.
  • Accessible through -


Management Structure

Module Implementation


Chemical Safety and Storefront