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Internet Resources for Practicing Physicians

This is a list of some popular and helpful healthcare provider sites, that we find useful at Student Health Clinic.


All-in-one References

  • CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Clinical Resources -- a great resource avaiable to CMA members. Includes 5 MCC, DynaMed, Quick Answers to Diagnosis and Treatment, Essential Evidence Plus, Laboratory tests, Cochrane Library, Pubmed, Ovid Medicine, MD Consult, Statref!, Infobase). MD Consult: textbooks, journals, clinics review articles, patient education materials, drugs, guidelines, images, news, cme. STAT!Ref: large collection of textbooks, from many specialities. Drug Information Search Engine included.
  • Up-to-Date . Online PAY An evidence based peer reviewed medical information resource published by medical company called Uptodate Inc. Founded 1992. Updated every 4 months. Over 3600 clinical authors on 7300 subjects. Includes a drug database. No advertising.
  • Essential Evidence Plus , Online PAY point of care tools from John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2009-. Topics are written by leading researchers and peer reviewed by medical experts. All content includes "strength of evidence" rating and designed to provide essential "bottom line" information. Includes cochrane reviews.
  • Medscape Reference (formerly emedicine). Online FREE medical knowledge base, requires registration. Founded 1996 by 2 physicians. Originally concieved as online emergency medicine textbook, has grown to cover all specialites. Has over 6800 articles written by 10 000 physician contributors, academic physicians, subspecialty specialists. Articles are updated yearly. WebMD owned since 2006, an American health information corporation. Advertising present. Meets Health on the Net (HON) ethical standards.
  • Epocrates Online FREE drug and disease databse. Founded 1998. A California based public company that specialized in mobile applications.




Rx resources







Audiovisual Libraries

Searching the Literature and the Web




Electronic Medical Records

  • WOLF Electronic Medical Records. This is the system that we use at Student Health service and our partners in EMR pilot project since 2008. Poor customer service.
  • Canadian EMR. Vendor comparisons of different EMRs.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Center for Health Information. One mandate of the center is the development and implementation of a confidential and secure provincial electronic health record, incluidng the change management required to support adoption by end user clinicans.
  • Canada Health Infoway.Independent, not-for-profit corporation created by Canada's first ministers in 2001 to foster and accelerate the development and adoption of electronic health record systems with compatible standards and communications technologies. Funded by Government of Canada.


iPad iPhone

  • Medical apps available for ipad.
  • Goodreader is an excellent app for reading journal articles in PDF, allows highlighting and note taking.
  • Blausen's Human Atlas is a neat teaching tool for patients, with high definition anatomy images.
  • Medscape from WebMD is drug and disease reference app, nice layout
  • More and more apps created everyday, from Ishihara color plates, hearing tests, eye charts, photoatlases, medical radio/podcasts, etc.


Health Organizations