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Leader/Citizen/Leader: Community Building as Nation Building - Naheed Nenshi
(2012 Galbraith Lecture, October 25, 2012, Video, 120 minutes (45 min lecture, 75 min Q&A))

The Moral Roots of Economic Crisis - Dr. Anthony Daniels
(2008-09 Galbraith Lecture, October 21, 2009, Video, 120 minutes (45 min lecture, 75 min Q&A))

Small Country, Big Results: The Case of Iceland - Mr. Geir Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland
(2007-08 Galbraith Lecture, April 14, 2008, Video)

The Shadow of the Past: How History Shapes the Present - Dr. Margaret MacMillan
(2006-07 Galbraith Lecture, January 29, 2007, Video)

Doing Democracy Differently: Is It Time for Electoral Reform in Canada? - Dr. R. Kenneth Carty
(2005-06 Galbraith Lecture, March 8, 2006, Video)

Health vs. Higher Education: Must Higher Education Lose Out? - Jeffrey Simpson, O.C.
(2004-05 Galbraith Lecture, October 20, 2004, Video)

Governance, Accountability and Public Input: Building a Modern Health Care System - Hon. Roy J. Romanow, Q.C.
(2002-03 Galbraith Lecture, October 23, 2002, Video)

The Human Security Agenda: Prescriptions for Canada in an Age of Globalization - Hon. Dr. Lloyd Axworthy
(2001-02 Galbraith Lecture, November 19, 2001, Video)