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New report suggests need for new approach to public policy and governance in Newfoundland and Labrador

NL Forum 2014

There is a need for rethinking how public policy and governance happens in this province, suggests a new report by Dr. Russell Williams, associate professor of political science, and Lucy MacDonald, Master of Arts candidate in political science, at Memorial University. 

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Rural development work needs to be more solution focused

NL Forum 2014

Rural and Regional Development work in Newfoundland and Labrador needs to be more solution-oriented, according to the third report for NLFORUM2014 by Dr. Ivan Emke, associate professor, Social and Cultural Studies and Facilitator for Internationalization, Grenfell Campus, and Ms. Anita Best, CURRA Community Coordinator. Dr. Emke and Ms. Best suggest that regional and rural development needs to move from identifying problems to creating real solutions for communities, and Memorial University is uniquely positioned to help that work.

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NL Forum 2014: People, Place, Culture, Economy, Democracy

NL Forum 2014

Join us for a two-day conference of leaders and decision-makers from the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors to discuss issues the province has faced over the past ten years and what's on the horizon for the next ten. 

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New report captures "Vital Signs" of the province

Newfoundland and Labrador's Vital Signs 2014

If Newfoundland and Labrador was made up of 100 people, there would be 49 males and 51 females, their average age would be 44 years, their life expectancy – 78.9 years, and 40 of them would live on the Northeast Avalon, 5 would live in Labrador. There would be 57 people between the ages of 25 and 64, and 15 people younger than 15 years old.

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Latest Video: Synergy Session


"Increasing the Profitability and Reliability of our Electrical System"

With Dr. Gordon L. Weil

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Welcome to the Harris Centre, Memorial University’s hub for public policy and regional development issues.

We link Memorial researchers with groups all over Newfoundland and Labrador, supporting active community engagement throughout the research process.

Working with all units at Memorial, we build connections, encourage informed debate and support collaboration, enhancing the University and the Province through mutually beneficial partnerships.

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