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Memorial Presents: Creating Cultural Destinations: Art, Heritage, and Place

Bonavista Campus, College of the North Atlantic
7-9pm, Tuesday, June 7

The Bonavista Peninsula is becoming a well-known cultural destination with picturesque outports, dramatic scenery, a rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant arts scene. Visitors from

all over the world marvel at what the place has to offer. Relationships between business, non-profit organizations, and communities have allowed for collaborative development around cultural heritage. What else needs to be done to make the region an even more attractive place for visitors and residents alike? How can we better profile our artists and tradition bearers so that visitors can get an enhanced appreciation of our way of life? How can we preserve our built and natural landscapes so that they contribute to the sense of place? How can the arts community leverage resources to attract investment in the region? What is the role of governments, businesses, artists, and citizens in making the Bonavista Peninsula a showcase for Newfoundland culture? Join panelists Jennifer Dyer, Marilyn Coles-Hayley, John Norman, and Marieke Gow to discuss these questions and more.

This event is run in conjunction with our Regional Workshop, taking place in Port Rexton on Wednesday, June 8. To attend the workshop,register here.


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The Lifelong Impact of Adverse Experiences in the Early Years

Adverse Experiences in the Early Years


Registration has now closed. To get on the waitlist, please email Jennifer McVeigh at

Recent research shows that infants and children facing chronic adversity are likely to experience a broad range of difficulties and impairments in life. Join the discussion on how early interventions can break the cycle of tragedy and what we can do as a society to address the ramifications of adverse experiences in the early years of someone's life.

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Bonavista Peninsula Regional Workshop

Port Rexton

Are you living on the Bonavista Peninsula and interested in your region's development? Or, are you faculty, staff or a student at Memorial University who would like to strengthen Memorial's presence and make a difference in the lives of people on the Bonavista Peninsula? If so, consider attending the Harris Centre's Bonavista Peninsula Regional Workshop on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016.


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Welcome to the Harris Centre, Memorial University’s hub for public policy and regional development issues.

We link Memorial researchers with groups all over Newfoundland and Labrador, supporting active community engagement throughout the research process.

Working with all units at Memorial, we build connections, encourage informed debate and support collaboration, enhancing the University and the Province through mutually beneficial partnerships.

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