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Community Treatment Orders in NL: Who is Protected?

Led by Dr. Nicole Snow.

Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) provide a legal means for society to involuntarily commit into treatment individuals with severe mental illnesses who are judged to be a risk to themselves or to society. CTOs aim to seek a balance between the rights of the affected individual and the rights of those people who may be affected by his/her actions. CTOs are included in many mental health acts in Canada and in other countries; in this province, CTOs were included in the Mental Health Care and Treatment Act of 2006. The legislation provides a legal means of enforcing treatment, and specifically medication compliance.


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The Lifelong Impact of Adverse Experiences in the Early Years

Adverse Experiences in the Early Years


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Recent research shows that infants and children facing chronic adversity are likely to experience a broad range of difficulties and impairments in life. Join the discussion on how early interventions can break the cycle of tragedy and what we can do as a society to address the ramifications of adverse experiences in the early years of someone's life.

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Getting Things Done: How Actors Make Sure Policies (Don't) Work

Richard Hewitt

The Harris Centre and the Department of Geography welcome Dr. Richard Hewitt of the EU FP 7 Project COMPLEX to present on the topic of models for regional planning and policy.

Dr. Hewitt will present a geographical model that accounts for the motivation, knowledge, resources, power and affinity of groups in society in determining how land use will change in a region. The modelling allows for exploration of whether policies with large-scale landscape impacts will be successful in the long-term, based on what is known about the stakeholders involved.


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The Harris Centre Applied Research Fund open for applications!


Looking for funding related to regional development and public policy in Newfoundland and Labrador? Could your work help provide solutions to challenges at the community, local, regional and/or provincial levels? If so, the Harris Centre invites you to apply for funding through the Applied Research Fund.


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Welcome to the Harris Centre, Memorial University’s hub for public policy and regional development issues.

We link Memorial researchers with groups all over Newfoundland and Labrador, supporting active community engagement throughout the research process.

Working with all units at Memorial, we build connections, encourage informed debate and support collaboration, enhancing the University and the Province through mutually beneficial partnerships.

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