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Once in Harlow, the Gateway to Europe is Open. Harlow Campus is located halfway between Cambridge and London. The train to both cities is about a ten-minute walk from campus and takes approximately 40 minutes to reach each destination.

Once at London’s Liverpool Street Station, the “tube” (subway) will take you to all the many exciting sites London has to offer. It will also take you directly to Heathrow Airport, should you choose to make this a point of departure.

For Practical advise on travel in Europe, you may also like to visit the European Travel Commission website


Located about 20 minutes by train from Harlow is London Stansted Airport, where discount airlines such as Ryan Air depart for many of Europe’s most treasured cities. To book cheap flights visit the following websites:

Things to remember when flying through Europe:

  • Book Early! The earlier the booking, the cheaper the flights!
  • Pack Light! Flights are cheap but baggage is NOT! Be sure to read the regulations on weight and dimension restrictions on the airline websites.
  • Always keep your passport on you! You may also wish to bring a letter from your Educational Institution stating that you are a student. Sometimes when travelling in groups, Heathrow and small airport officials may forget to stamp your passport. This can lead to unwanted questions.
  • Many discounted flights land outside of the destination city. You may have to factor some extra cash and travel time into your itinerary (usually an hour or so). Be sure to ask questions about when the earliest trains/buses run so as not to miss an early morning return flight!
  • Some airports close at night; Rome is an example. Pack a light sweater/sweatshirt in case you have to wait outside at night. After baking in the sun, you can get chilly at night. It will also help on air-conditioned flights.
  • In order to book these flights, you will need a credit card. It is also good to have one on hand in case of emergencies.
  • Be sure to let your bank at home know that you are travelling throughout Europe to avoid any inconvenience in foreign countries.
  • Though it may seem cliché, wearing a Canadian flag on your backpack can be a blessing in disguise. If you iron it on, reinforce it with thread.


If you do not mind a little adventure and a little less luxury, hostels can be a great way to meet people from all over the world, and to save money while travelling. Most websites rank hostels by security, cleanliness, friendliness, and location. Do your homework. Again, the same travelling rules as above apply.

Visit the following recommended sites:

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