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Code of Student Conduct

All Memorial Students vising Harlow Campus are reminded that while studying at Harlow Campus, you are ambassadors of Memorial University of Newfoundland and therefore must conduct yourself in a professional and decent manner at all times, consistent with those found in the Code of Student Conduct.

Whilst at Harlow a copy of the Code of student Conduct can be found in the Harlow Campus Library or in the Harlow Campus Manager’s office.

You can also view the Code of Student Conduct at:

Housing Fines - Harlow Campus

Housing fines for respective residences form part of the Code of Student Conduct and are subject to change from time to time. Students may obtain a copy of the relevent schedule for Housing Fines from the appropriate Housing offical on each Campus.

At Harlow Campus you can find a copy of the Housing Fines either in the Harlow Campus Library or by visitng the Campus Manager.