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Course Offerings - Spring 2015

English Cultural Landscape

The 15th offering of the English Cultural Landscape program will take place during the spring semester of 2015.

The program will consist of four courses taught by Jerry Pocius of the Department of Folklore and an instructor from the Department of Archaeology. Two courses will deal with architecture in all its forms, from the castles and mansion estates of the wealthy to the ordinary vernacular housing of the urban and rural poor. One course will examine English material culture, including ceramics, furniture, glass, and other household items.The fourth course will examine how English heritage and culture has been put on display in museums and historic sites, and how the interpretation of English heritage has changed over the years.

The English Cultural Landscape Programme provides a unique opportunity to understand English culture as it is reflected in the material world of the past and present. There are no prerequisites and students from any academic unit may apply.  for more informtion on the course please visit

For further information contact Dr. Jerry Pocius at 864-8366 (office ED 4040), email



Harlow Intersession 2015 - Consuming Cultures

The Departments of Folklore and Geography will be offering a field course at Harlow next Spring called "Consuming Cultures: from field to plate". This Harlow Programme will run during Intersession in 2015 (mid-May to late June 2015). Comprised of four courses taught by Diane Tye (Folklore) and Charles Mather (Geography), the programme will explore cultural, political and social aspects of food in England. England is an excellent place to study food: not only does the country have rich foodways traditions, it has undergone a recent revolution in terms of food production and consumption. After two weeks of classes in Newfoundland (available through Lecture Capture to those outside St. John's), we will undertake four weeks of field trips in England to farms, breweries, museums, restaurants, supermarkets, food markets and many other sites along the chain from field to plate.

To register your interest or learn more about the programme please email Diane Tye