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Study at Harlow

Harlow students

Memorial's Harlow Campus is not a school unto itself. Rather, professional schools and academic departments at Memorial use the Harlow Campus to deliver special programs.

Programs offered at Harlow Campus include:

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Drama & Performance
  • Education (internship)
  • English Cultural Landscape
  • Fine Arts (both Theatre and Visual Arts)
  • Faith, Love & Lore
  • History & Political Science
  • Literary London
  • Pharmacy (clinical rotation)
  • Social Work (internship)
  • Summer of Theatre in London

It is recommended that any student interested in attending the Harlow Campus inquire about upcoming programs through their respective academic departments.

Students are encouraged to contact the Blundon Centre at least six months before travelling to Harlow if they have any requirements due to a disability.

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