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Housing Regulations - Harlow Campus

June 2009

Housing Regulations MUN (UK) LTD Harlow Campus

Memorial University students are reminded that while studying at Harlow Campus, they are ambassadors of Memorial University of Newfoundland and therefore must conduct their self in a professional and decent manner at all times, consistent with those found in the Code of Student Conduct. A copy of the Code of Student Conduct can be found in the Harlow Campus Library or in the General Manager’s office.
Students are responsible for being aware of and abiding by all Housing Regulations and the Code of Student Conduct.
1. At all time, students must behave in a manner that is civil, decent, and respectful of the rights and privileges of all members of the campus community, including other students, guests, and staff, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, social status, or physical or mental disability.
2. Students shall not physically, psychologically, or verbally intimidate, or otherwise harass or ‘haze’ any person. Harassment is comments or conduct that are determined by the General Manager to be threatening, vexatious, demeaning, dangerous, abusive, or disrespectful.
3. Students are permitted to have overnight guests for no more than 4 consecutive nights, with the prior approval (24 hours notice) of their roommate and General Manager. The General Manager has the authority to deny any request. After the fourth night a charge of £20.00 per night will apply.
4. Students may invite visitors on campus. All visitors must leave by 12.00am - midnight; there must be no visitors on campus between the hours of 12.00am – 8.00am.
5. All guests and visitors must be signed in and out in the visitor’s book by the front entrance of the Maltings building.
6. Students must pay all fees as they are due, residence fees must be paid in full within two weeks after arrival at Harlow.
7. Students must give two weeks’ notice of intention to leave residence or pay the appropriate cost.
8. Students must sign and return the Occupancy Agreement upon arrival at campus.
9. Students must ensure that they report any damages/breakages to campus staff immediately.
10. Students shall have no more than 6 people in a bedroom in the Maltings or Cabot House, and no more than 12 people in 44 or 46 Market Street.
11. Students shall keep the bedroom/apartment doors and windows closed and locked when not present. All personal property placed, or stored, anywhere in the residence is at the sole risk of the student.
12. Students shall not give their keys or swipe cards to another person.
13. Students shall never leave an electrical appliance plugged in unattended.
14. Students shall not prop open any door on campus.
15. Students are financially responsible, and will be appropriately fined, for the removal, disposal, or damage to any property other than their own, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional.
16. Students shall ensure that all hallways, common areas, stairwells, fire escape routes, and grounds are kept clear of obstruction.
17. Students shall dispose of all garbage in the appropriate manner. Nothing is to be thrown out the windows, or swept or thrown into the hallways, common areas, stairwells, sidewalks, fire escape routes, or grounds.
18. Students shall not tamper with, and/or remove, any fire safety equipment (e.g. fire hoses, extinguishers, detectors, etc.).
19. Students are not permitted to keep a weapon (e.g. air rifles, air guns, paint ball guns, sling shots, knives, etc.) in any residence or building.
20. Students are not permitted to keep any pets including reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc. in any residence or building.
21. Students shall report immediately any disease, illness, or infection that could become a public health concern to a member of campus staff.
22. Students are not permitted to consume alcohol in a dangerous and/or excessive manner.
23. Students are not permitted to smoke inside the buildings or within 5m of any window, door, or enclosed area.
24. Students are not permitted to possess or consume illegal drugs or other illegal substances.
25. Students are not permitted to have open flame (e.g. candles, etc.) or burn incense, etc. in the residences or buildings.
26. Students must abide by the Quiet Hours and, at all other time, be “reasonably quiet”, which is a volume of sound that does not interfere with another students’ right to quiet enjoyment and the ability to study.

Quiet Hours Begin 11.00pm Quiet Hours End 7.00am

Housing Fines
1st Violation
2nd Violation
3rd Violation
- Noise / disruptive behaviour
- Violating Quiet hours
- Littering
- Violation of visiting hours
- Smoking Outdoors within 5m
£5 Fine
£10 Fine
Referred to the
General Manager
- Pet
- Violating Quiet Hours
- Smoking Indoors
- Unregistered Guest
- Destructive behaviour
£10 Fine
£20 Fine
Referred to the
General Manager
- Possession/use of Illegal Drugs
- Harassment
- Violating of Fire Safety
Referred the General Manager
Note: A student may be referred to the General Manager for any violation and/or conduct.
If a violation of any rule occurs and no-one admits responsibility, then the group as a whole will be fined (one fine only) and the group proctor will be responsible for the collection of this fine. All fines must be paid within one week; any unpaid fines will be charged as an outstanding fee to the campus.