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Things to know

  • Time difference: Normally England is 3.5 hours ahead of Newfoundland (check for changes to British summertime, March & October, when this may vary)

  • The weather in England is often unpredictable; bring a mixture of clothes and carry an umbrella always.

  • Please be aware that the British drive on the left.

  • Students should get an International Student Card before leaving. They are available for free at Travel Cuts on MUN Campus.

  • Students should be aware that certain calling cards are not compatible with our telephone system. An example of this is the Primus Globe Card.

  • The size of paper is different in England, and has two or four holes. Consequently all ring binders have two or four holes.

  • Clock radio alarms and hair dryers are provided in all the rooms.

  • Adapters can be used for electrical items, however, we have found from experience that most items brought from home eventually "blow". The voltage is 220/240volts, 50hertz. Harlow campus does not supply adapters. You will need to bring your own with you.

  • In England, there are front loading washing machines, which have timed programmers. A complete cycle can take up to one hour! At the end of cycle it is very important to wait for two to three minutes before opening the door as they are fitted with a safety device and will not open straight after the wash finishes.

  • At the Campus you will be provided with clean towels, sheets and pillowcases each week. All our Duvets and pillows are hypoallergenic. You will need to bring a face cloth. You may wish to bring an extra towel for traveling.

  • Water is of a good quality and perfectly safe to drink, however Harlow is a hard water area. This means that kettles and appliances tend to develop a white scale inside, this is not harmful. You may also find that you need to use more shampoo than usual.

  • Some students have suggested that if you have a particular favourite personal hygiene product, you should bring it with you in the case that you may not find it in England.

  • You cannot get Kraft Dinner or Cheese Whiz, and peanut butter tastes radically different in England!