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Preventative Hygiene Measures

Hand Sanitizing Protocols

There have been a significant number of requests for hand sanitizing stations to be placed throughout the university. It is not possible to accomodate these requests centrally due to budgetary and labour resource requirements for both the installation and maintenance for these units.

The following process has been developed by the Facilities Management Division and approved by the Pandemic Preparedness Planning Committee.

  • The university has placed hand sanitizer units in high interactive areas where food is sold such as food service areas, cafeterias and dining halls. As well, units are being placed in high volume interactive areas where university staff work constantly at counters serving the public such as the Cashiers office, Bursars Office and Registrar's Office.

  • Departments that feel they have a requirement to have hand sanitizers placed within their common area where we have regular interactivity with the public, will be responsible to purchase these units. The cost and labour associated with refilling them would be that department's responsbility. This should be minimized as much as possible and individuals should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own hygiene by carrying their own personal bottle of hand sanitizer and sani-wipes for cleaning commonly used equipment, e.g. departmental head offices.

  • Preparedness begins with all of us individually. Staff should be encouraged to take personal responsibility; they should have their own hand sanitizers to carry with them for personal use at their own workstations.

  • There will not be portable hand sanitizer units installed for job fairs, etc. All exhibitors will be expected to provide sufficient hand sanitizers at their booths for patrons.

  • Custodial staff periodically performs cleaning of all boardroom tables, however, should departments wish to enhance the current cleaning protocols it is being recommended that one use departmental discretion to purchase any regular household cleaning products for the purpose of extra cleaning. The same will apply as above, the cost and labour associated with purchasing and actual cleaning of these boardroom tables would be the department's responsibility.

  • In areas of the university where there are commonly used keyboards, individual departments should implement their own enhanced cleaning protocols.