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Teach English Overseas

There are many opportunities to teach overseas, and indeed the organisations that offer overseas teaching are many. Several questions you may want to ask yourself are:

We will address the questions further down the page. In the meantime, here are several organisations who have provided the Centre for Career Development with information about their organisations:



Program Description

Contact Information

Amity Teachers Teach English in Japan visit website for more info
Canada Connection Teach ESL in Korea
Canadian Education Centre Network Teach ESL around the globe
ESL Teacher Recruiter Teach ESL in South Korea
Hess Educational Organization Teach English in Taiwan
Ian Davidson Recruiting Teach English, Southeast Asia online form
ILA Vietnam Teach in Vietnam
Korea Connections Teach in Korea
Maple Bear Korea Teach English in Korea
Visiting International Faculty Program Teaching Worldwide


Why do I want to teach abroad?

Some want to teach for the adventure. Some want to teach for the money. Both are valid reasons to teach abroad. In either regard, going abroad is certainly an experience that can benefit you personally, professionally and academically.

But there are many things that you should look at. First, will you be paid in local currency or Canadian or American dollars? Where you are paid in local currency you will often have plenty to live on, but when it comes to saving money, it may not be as lucrative as you thought.

What expenses does my organisation cover?

Some organisations cover flights, accommodations, medical insurance, and more. Some will pay for your flight up front. It is best to weigh each of these options including the overall salary that they are paying you to determine which fit is best for you. Again, one is not better than another, but ultimately

What kind of teaching certification do I need?

There are many teacher certification programs and courses out there. If you wish to teach English as a Second Language on a long-term basis, teacher certification may be for you. Look for programs that are recognized widely; short-term programs may short-change you in the end. Oxford Seminars offers an on-campus TESOL/TESL certification each semester.

If you are thinking about teaching for the short term, see if the school (or country) in which you wish to teach requires ESL Certification. Or, if there is extra compensation for the certification.

How long is the contract?

Many contracts are 1-year contracts with about 2 weeks holiday time per year and can be continuous intake. Some contracts can be shorter (7-months).

Something to consider as well is private teaching time - this is valid in some countries under their work visas but not in other countries, so research this carefully.

How can I prepare myself for the journey?

As always, look for recruiting organisations that are prompt with emails and correspondence and support you sufficiently. It can be a large leap forward participating in such a program, and you want an organisation that offers you guidance, advice, tips and security. We offer some means of preparation and keeping yourself safe

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