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Working Holiday Program

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Fee: please check the list of consular fees on Visa Website.

Processing time: 4-6 weeks

Belgian Embassy in Canada: Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal

999 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 1600

Montreal, QC H3A 3L4

Tel.: (+1) 514 849 7394

Fax: (+1) 514 844 3170


This allows young Belgians to go to Canada and young Canadians to come to Belgium, for a maximum period of one year, for the principal purpose of holidaying while nonetheless having the possibility of working in order to increase their financial means.


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General information

Young Canadian nationals wishing to take advantage of the provisions of this Agreement must meet the following conditions:

  • to have the principal purpose of holidaying in Belgium, with the possibility of working only in an accessory capacity
  • to be between the ages of 18 and 30 at the time of application
  • to not have previously benefited from this Agreement
  • to be in possession of a valid Canadian passport
  • to hold a valid return ticket or sufficient resources to purchase such a ticket
  • to have sufficient financial resources to meet their needs at the beginning of their stay, i.e. a minimum of EUR 2,500
  • to have an all-risk insurance for the period authorized to stay and, if not covered by the host country’s social insurance system, have proof of occupational accident coverage and health care insurance, including hospitalization and return home coverage for the duration of the stay
  • to have a medical certificate proving that you are not suffering from any disease or infirmity that may endanger public health, order or security (the list of such illnesses is annexed to the Belgian Law of 15 December 1980 on Access to the Territory, Residence, Settlement and Expulsion of Foreign Nationals)
  • to be able to produce documentary evidence of good character
  • to be domiciled in Canada at the time of the application.

How to apply

Any interested young Canadian should apply for their long-stay visa (“autorisation de séjour provisoire”/”machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf”) at the Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal in person or by mail at the following address:

Bd de Maisonneuve Ouest 999- Suite 1600

Montréal, Québec H3A-3L4

Phone: 1 (514) 849-7394

Visa application forms are available at this consular post or online. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  • three recent passport photographs (colour)
  • copy of the the applicant’s valid Canadian passport
  • a proof of non criminal record, issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (GRC) or provincial police (SQ or OPP) or local police, dated within 6 months at the time of the visa application and covering the last five years
  • a medical certificate issued either by an accredited doctor of medicine or by a family doctor registered to the provincial College of Physicians•proof of sufficient funds for at least 2,500 EUR for the 3 first months of stay in Belgium - e.g.: 3 most recent bank statements and credit card account statements, cash, or a credit card with a period of validity of at least one year
  • a copy of the return ticket or the proof that the applicant has sufficient funds to purchase one (credit card for ex.)
  • the original and one copy of the occupational accident coverage and health care insurance, including hospitalization and return home coverage
  • consular fees for a Visa D: please check the list for the current fees

Visa Application Form


Important remarks

  • Young Canadians must go to their municipality of residence for registration within eight days following their arrival in Belgium. In case of change of residence during their stay in Belgium they have to inform the administration of the municipalities of departure and arrival. Variable administrative registration costs are to be expected, according to the town hall.
  • Young Canadians may, if they so wish engage in study or training programmes in Belgium. The total duration of such programmes, however, may not exceed three months.
  • Young Canadians do not need a work permit to exercise an activity as a paid worker in Belgium. Access to some professions, however, may be dependent upon recognition of specific qualifications and any rules to practice in that profession.
  • Young Canadians residing in Belgium under the Agreement can obtain additional information by calling the « Telephone Information Unit» of the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs (Directorate-General for Consular Affairs) at the following numbers: 02 501 3200
  • For the cost of a visa D, please check the list of consular fees
  • Processing can take 4 to 6 weeks. The period of validity is six months after the visa has been issued on the passport.