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Student Testimonials

Memorial University is home to many students who have studied, worked, or volunteered internationally. Here are some of their stories:

"The semester I spent in Harlow with Political Science was life-changing. I got to meet new people, visit amazing places, and discover skills and traits I didn't know I had. I'm confident that my experience abroad has made me a better person!"

- Candace Simms, “Canada, Europe, and the UK - Identities In A Changing World” Harlow, Fall 2010

"The Heidelberg program offered through Memorial University is a great way to put your acquired language skills to the test! The five week program offers the opportunity to spend a week in the beautifully historic city of Berlin, as well as a month studying in Heidelberg, one of the most gorgeous in Germany.

I found that studying in Heidelberg not allowed me to work on my language with native German speakers, but also gave me the chance to meet students from all over the world. German, not English, is the common language in this program, and it forces you let go of your inhibitions and really immerse yourself in learning. While I didn't take advantage of the field trips offered during the weekends, there is still so much in Heidelberg and to keep you entertained and busy out of the classroom. And the best part is that you get university credit for learning and travelling around Germany for the summer!"

- Meghan Keating, Heidelberg German language field school, Summer 2009

"I really enjoyed the Programme Frecker and would highly suggest it to anyone. The food was pretty good for the most part. Definitely different, but it was good....The classes were great. The space was wonderful. I loved it. I learned so much."

- Melissa Power – Programme Frecker, Fall 2010

"My time at Heidelberg was unforgettable; I especially enjoyed
getting the chance to meet other students from around the world. It was by far
one of the best summers of my life!"

- Katherine Laite - Heidelberg German language field school, Summer 2010

"My experience with the Programme Frecker was incredible. Since it was my first
time away from home I was afraid that I was going to have a rough time
adjusting. However, it was such a great semester! Wonderful friends and
food, and the teachers always kept us engaged in the classroom. The
semester flew by, and I never felt too far away from home, because I
could always see the coast of Newfoundland from the window in my
boarding room. Spending three months being immersed in French culture was a
life-changing experience - one that I will never forget."

- Krystle Ellsworth – Programme Frecker, Fall 2010

Volunteer Abroad Testimonials