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Plane Ticket Always handy to have a physical version of your plane ticket None med (depending on location) Travel Agent
H1N1 Vaccination Ensure you have your H1N1 vaccination before you travel. None HIGH Health Agency
Plan "B" for Arrivals If travelling alone, always have a plan "b" for arrivals - know your destination well enough that you can navigate to your institution, final destination. Have contact numbers, images, and addresses for the people you will meet. None

Medium - High

Destination country
Register with the Canadian Government

"Registrations of Canadians Abroad" is a free service provided by the Government of Canada. It is a service whereby the government can contact and support Canadian nationals travelling in a foreign country if an emergency situation were to occur.



ROCA Website
ISIC Card Get your International Student Identification Card for international identification purposes and great discounts.
Free for students (CFS)$16.00 approx.


MUNSU Office, UC-2000, Travel Cuts, UC-3016
Collect and Photocopy Documentation
  • Flight itinerary
  • Passport ID page photocopy (not a substitute for your passport, but helpful if passport is lost)
  • Photocopies of important cards in wallet (toll-free cancellation numbers, etc.)
  • Emergency Contact Card
  • Harlow Students: Letter of entry from MUN
  • Documentation as to your purpose for being in the country
  • Possible proof of financial resources
  • Photocopies of prescription information
  • Health insurance information (MCP Out of Province Coverage Certificate)
  • Consulate information for destination country (located in the country report for your destination country)

Small fees may apply


Various places - program facilitator, bank, travel agent, etc.
Documentation back-up
  • You may want to have the above documentation on an encrypted thumb drive, in case the physical version gets lost / stolen (always password protect electronic documents).
  • Have copies of documentation available to parents, guardians or person(s) of trust back in Canada.
  • Enter itinerary information in electronic calendars, and contact information into cellular phone that will be used overseas.
  • Leave detailed itinerary with parents, guardians or persons of trust.



Visit Doctor, Pharmacist, Dentist
  • re-fill prescriptions
  • attain note to carry prescriptions / needles, etc.
  • general health check-up prior to departure
  • travel sickness medication (if necessary)
  • bring medication in Original labeled container



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