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When you travel you may be required for some (if not all) of the following documents. As a general rule of preparedness, it is always good to have three copies of this documentation: one for home with your parents, guardians or persons of trust, one for presentation (the originals), and one as back-up and kept in a separate place from the originals. Realize that the photocopies never fully replace the originals, but will faciliate the process to getting cards or your passport cancelled and re-issued

  1. Letter explaining the purpose of entry
  2. Study or work permits as necessary
  3. Itinerary for study abroad program
  4. Physical version of ticket
  5. Letter of permission to carry medications or medical instruments (needles, epi-pens, etc.)
  6. Photocopies of
    • Passport Identification page
    • Important cards in wallet (cancellation numbers, especially)
    • Health insurance information
    • MCP certificate
    • prescription information

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