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There is always risk associated with any kind of travel.

Risk = Threat x Vulnerability

In this equation, the one thing over which we have control is our vulnerability. We make ourselves less vulnerable through our knowledge and preparedness.

Think about a possible situation in which you find yourself. Ask yourself what do I know and what can I learn about a possible threat? Do I know about the place through which I am travelling? Do I know enough about the culture and customs, accepted behaviours and norms of the country where I am staying?

The impact of risk usually falls into 4 categories:

Low Impact, High Likelihood High Impact, High Likelihood
Low Impact, Low Likelihood High Impact, Low Likelihood

The ultimate aim is to reduce our vulnerability such that all risk is mitigated to the low impact, low likelihood variety.

The forms that you read through and signed prior to reading this page are the beginning steps in reducing our risk - becoming aware of the issues that may arise on the journey on which we are about to embark.


Risk Assessment

Health preparation

Travel Documentation

Personal preparation



Culture shock


Personal safety

Critical incidents


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