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Coming home represents an adjustment as well. You are filled with the energy of your experiences and need to find the best ways to communicate it.

As with your time abroad, you must have patience upon re-entry into Canada. Things will have changed, perhaps contrary to your expectations, and you may experience what is referred to as reverse culture shock.

Key things to do when you get home:

  1. Call credit card company to inform of arrival back home. Contact MCP to ensure that your out-of-province coverage is complete (and take care of any out-of-province medical expenses by filling out the appropriate form)
  2. Talk about your experience with friends and family
  3. Develop a new routine
  4. Participate in a debriefing session offered by the Go Abroad Coordinator
    • Learn how this experience has impacted your future academic, personal and career paths;
    • Find the best ways of speaking about the experience;
    • Become a contact point for future program participants.
  5. Talk about your experiences with next year's cohort.

If you have any questions before, during or after you time overseas, or about any information in this presentation, contact the Go Abroad Coordinator,

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