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Travelling abroad can be costly. But with careful preparation it can be achieved. It is recommended that you should start thinking on the finances about going abroad 1 year to 2 years prior to travel; the longer the period of time the easier it will be to tuck away a little bit of money towards this experience.

Below are some estimated costs for typical group study programs offered at the university.

Where Duration Flight Tuition and Books Program Fee Additional Expenses Total* Cost per week*
Harlow, England 6 weeks NA $1600 $4200 varies $5800 $966
Treviso, Italy 7 weeks $1200 $1200 $3200 varies $5600 $800
Summer School, Malaysia 6 weeks $1500 $2750 NA $400 $4650 $775

* personal expenses vary greatly. How much independent spending and travel you do will be in addition to these estimated costs.

If you feel these costs are daunting, let us know. We firmly believe that the benefits of international travel are worth the expense, and want to know how we can support you in your efforts to travel abroad.


Change your thinking: every little bit counts

  • The suggestions below are based on that principle, and while individually it may not look like much, it can add up quickly.

Plan ahead - start saving now!

  • Think about it: if you are planning to study abroad 1-2 years in advance, open a savings account today and put $10.00 a week aside (or some nominal amount that you won't miss). $10 is $520 a year, is $1040 after two years, and you nearly have your flight paid for!

Scholarships, bursaries and awards

  • There are scholarships available. Some specific to the Harlow Campus, but others for general international travel. Hint: go to the scholarships site, choose your faculty or school and when directed to the university calendar click "CTRL+F" (for find) to search these keywords: "abroad" "international." Or, within your Faculty or School, search for your specific department - "political science" for example. See what comes up. Are you eligible? Always look through both the general scholarships, and faculty specific scholarships.

Jobs while away

  • Some group study program facilitators (i.e. professors) will hire student employees via the MUCEP program while abroad to assist with planning, blogging, website development, communications, etc. Talk to you professor to see if there is work available.
  • Specific to the Harlow campus, there is often a position of "proctor" while in residence, who acts as a liaison between the residents and the administration at Harlow. If this position interests you, talk to the coordinating professor or the administration at Harlow.



  • Depending on your length of travel, if you are signed into a lease, you may want to consider subletting to a friend for the duration of your time abroad. Talk to the Off-Campus Housing Office for information and general tips on subletting.

Moving Expenses

  • If you do not want to pay rent during your time abroad, perhaps you will look into storage solutions for your apartment furnishings. These can often be significantly less expensive that paying rent during your time abroad.

Talk to your landlord

  • If you have a positive relationship with your landlord, it might be worthwhile to speak with him or her, explain your opportunity to study abroad and see if there is any lee-way with regards to your rent for the time abroad.

Bills, bills, bills

  • Chances are you will have to continue paying your bills while away. But do you have to continue paying for the full services? It might be worthwhile checking into your bills and down-grading your services until you need them again.

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