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Summer in Siberia 2012


The "Summer in Siberia" program has been held since 1993 and established specially for foreign students. Geography and number of participants grows greatly every year. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the multicultural society of Yakutia in North East Siberia for nine weeks. Witness the historic social and economic changes occurring in Russia as you develop language skills in a Russian speaking environment.

What is "Summer in Siberia"?

This is 2 month lasting intensive courses of Russian language, which are held on the base of NEFU from the middle of June till early August. Alongside with the study of Russian language, which includes grammar, phonetics and lexis, the following classes are offered: Russian literature, history and traditional culture of Yakutia, ethnography, political issues, cinema of circumpolar world, flora and fauna, ecology of Yakutia. Courses of ethnography of the northern folks are extra popular among foreign students.

Besides, great cultural program is offered to foreign students, which suggests visiting museums, exhibitions and theaters of Yakutsk, different ethnographic and tourist centers in Yakutia. After the completion of the courses students get academic records of NEFU.